Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keep the Noise Down

Am I just making noise and adding to noise pollution on the internet? It’s the one question that plagues me every time I hit ‘publish’ button on my post. I don’t want to be a noisemaker, adding to the clutter. The internet has made writers, actors and overnight celebrities out of anyone with a connection – ability is no longer a factor.

A few weeks ago, I saw a band called, Write This Down. Their name was similar to my own blog name so I asked them what about the meaning of their name and their response was, “Write this down, as in take note of us because we’re going to make it big.” I walked away feeling saddened. 

Perhaps they are still young, and need to figure out it isn’t about them, but about giving glory to God who gives us the ability and the desire.This week on Kingdom Bloggers, each of us are answering the question, why blog? Check it out here.

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