Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coming Soon - Change

I love change, except when I’m not the one to initiate it – you know the feeling? 

For the past 15 weeks, I’ve been a contributing writer for Kingdom Bloggers. I was invited into the group by David Johndrow, an incredible man of God that I’ve met through social media and blogging. Kingdom Bloggers is a great group of people, sharing testimony with each other and the world (or at least our own neighbours). David and Tony (both current writers) and another dude who they speak of with fondness shared a vision for Kingdom Bloggers and the blog was born.

Fast forward 2+ years and David feels the Lord is leading him into a different season. You know you can’t argue when someone pulls out the “God-card”. He wrote about it on Monday’s post. Since the remaining writers can’t argue with God, what we can do is honour and bless David in his next season and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Click here, to head over there now, and honour a man whom I’ve come to know and have appreciated that our paths have crossed.

I’m also changing the date that I post on Kingdom Bloggers. Instead of posting on hump day (and privately laughing to myself every time I say that – yes, I’m very immature about some things), I’ll be posting on Monday to start the week on Kingdom Bloggers. My posting schedule on this blog won’t change.

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