Friday, September 16, 2011

Don't be an idiot...

Hi all! I’m thrilled to be visiting Andrea’s space today over from Kingdom Bloggers. The Friday slot has been mine to fill for almost 2 years and doing so has been a tremendous blessing for me. I also write on my own personal blog at Tony C Today, where I keep things a little light-hearted but always in harmony with the Kingdom. Hope you’ll come over for a visit.

Dear Tony C,

First, I want to say stop wasting your time hanging upside down by your ankles. You’re not going to get any taller than you are when this picture was taken. Trust me… it won’t be the end of the world even though college football is definitely not in your future.

I know you’re a very curious kid, and that particular attribute will serve you well in the years to come. Ask questions…and keep asking them. Don’t settle for answers given by supposed pundits as solid or even factual. Listen to your gut, your very soul. You are a child of God filled with His Spirit. He dwells and abides in your very being and is always there to lead and guide. All you have to do is listen, trust and obey.

Education has been a stressed point in your family as long as you can remember. That’s a good thing. Be a sponge in a sea of knowledge and plan on spending your life in search of truth. When you get to college and start hearing about how religion and faith are for the mentally lazy or ignorant, challenge that notion. Don’t give up on your faith just because all of the questions you have about God don’t have answers. He’s a very, very big God and far beyond what our finite minds can ever hope to come to comprehend. That doesn’t mean a lot of the answer you seek aren’t out there. Just keep looking and you’ll discover that it takes far more blind faith to believe the principles of atheism than to believe a Creator made the universe in which you live. Science and faith are completely compatible despite what Dr. Comb Over will tell you. By the way, research the ENTIRE story of Galileo and don’t just take the academia anecdote as the way it all went down back in the day.

You’ll come across a motivational poster one day that proclaims Life is a journey, not a destination. It’s really not as brilliant a concept as you’re going to think. You’re just confusing emotion-based marketing with real philosophy. Life in this world is a journey but WITH a destination. Your goal is to be with God for all of eternity, and there is only one other option. Live life with that fact as your motivation because it will have a tremendous impact on how you relate to other people. You want them to forever be with an awesome God too.

One last thing…the Bible is not God’s autobiography. That’s a little naïve on your part to accept as a factual hypothesis to base all your other beliefs. The Bible is God’s word for us, the complete story of His plan for our redemption. It has all the answer you need to live this life but by no means answers all the questions about God. That would take quite a bit more than 66 books combined into a single volume. D’uh, you knucklehead!

Follow your heart, read your Bible and talk to the Father daily. Nothing more in life will bring you greater pleasure or joy…not even Angie Carter.

By the way, stop telling your sister she’s adopted. That’s not very cool or funny.

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