Monday, October 31, 2011

Are You Living the Dream?

About once a year, I have a dinner party where I invite two couples and instruct them to each invite another couple who I wouldn’t know so we have 10 people around the table; two couples of which I am meeting for the first time. When the guests arrive, each guest is given a number which corresponds to a table seat and at every seat I’ve placed a question to ask another person; their evening’s mission is to find the answer. The questions vary from what is their most daring accomplishment to what type of animal do they best relate. It’s an evening my Man, who is an introvert, looks forward to every year (not) but his involvement is an incredible testament to how much I am loved.

My favourite question is to ask is to find out what their childhood dream was and if they are living their dream as an adult. This week on Kingdom Bloggers, I’ve posed the question to the others. I can’t wait to learn about the others, and while we’re sharing our childhood dreams, why don’t you answer the question in the comments.

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