Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pair O' Dime Shift

Yesterday morning I returned home from a trip to Bethel Church in Redding, CA. When the host who offered us accommodation showed us to our room last Wednesday, she pointed to the mirror. On either side of the mirror were two dimes put in place by faith (for real, no glue). She said to me and my friend, “I want you to have a pair o’ dime shift when you are here.”

I was in agreement because it would be tragic to travel all that distance to have a God encounter and leave unchanged. My expectation was high because I had a vision of Jesus presenting me a present, wrapped in brown paper and tied with a red bow. I was excited to open it and I had anticipation that the present was related to the pair o’ dime shift I was invited to have by our host.

Nothing happened on Wednesday, or Thursday. Nothing happened on Friday morning, or Friday afternoon. My anticipation was building because the conference was over on Friday evening. On Friday night, I was sitting beside a man from Idaho; he had come to the conference to receive physical healing. During worship, I felt the Lord say to me, “Give that man your gift, without any ulterior motive that would make you think I’ll give you another gift.” I wrestled with the Lord’s request. I had come to receive something too, but Jesus was asking me to give it to the benefit of someone else.

God has been so good to me, so even if I never receive another crumb from his table, I am full. I spoke to the man beside me and gave him the gift. I am certain the gift was for his healing. I resigned myself to leaving with my expectation left unfilled. I wanted to wallow in pity for myself a bit longer but God had other plans. At the host’s home, we had a time of sharing and fellowship with the other guests. We were from the 4 corners of the earth – Egypt, Australia, Russia and Canada (we were the Canadians).

We prophesied over the Russian man and he said what we had spoke about were the secret things in his heart and we were the first ones to ever have spoken it exactly right. He was encouraged and affirmed by the Lord. It was awesome to bless another of the Lord’s beloved like that. The evening went on like that and when I went to bed, I was still sad about my present that I wouldn’t be getting but was appreciative that God would use me to bless others.

On Saturday morning, I went to the Healing Rooms to experience the environment that is sought after around the world. While I was there, I prophesied and prayed healing for others; it was good. As I was doing that, the Lord showed me the Olympic swimming pool sized cup I had brought to receive from his fountain. He showed me I did bring the pool-sized cup except it wasn’t empty as I had imagined, but it was already full from the work he had already done in my life and I was going to leave it all over Redding and give it to the nations that came through their centre.

Suddenly, I got it – my pair o’ dime shift. I have undermined the work of the Lord in my life. I’m not a baby in the faith, as I suppose, but one who is filled to overflowing so that I can minister to others.

Matthew 10:8b, Freely you have received, freely give.

Is there a pair o’ dime shift that you’ve experienced?

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