Monday, October 10, 2011

What's Your Favourite Bible Verse?

I carry my own baby dedication card in my Bible. Apparently my mother was tired of keeping it and a few years ago she said, “Here. If you want this, you keep it.” I thought she was more sentimental than that – oh well. It has the date, a written covenant prayer and a recipe card with a verse, especially for me. The verse, 2 Kings 5:2-3, seems like an odd choice. I’ve puzzled over it, but I’ve never really ‘owned’ it. You could say, it hasn’t become my life verse.

Recently someone asked me what was my favourite verse and I responded by saying, “That’s like asking a millionaire which dollar was their favourite.” It might seem like a challenge to pinpoint, but the KingdomBloggers are up for it. Last week we wrote about favourite quotes, this week we’re writing about a favourite Bible verse. Stay tuned each day and leave a comment with your favourite verse and what it means for you.

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