Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back Off! This is my Territory

My house has been ready for Christmas since November 18. I love everything about it – decorations, traditions, music, gifts and of course, celebrating Jesus’ birth. Some sticklers of details will argue Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25. So what? Find the day that he was born and I’ll celebrate with you. 

One of my closest (definitely my longest-time) friends has been celebrating her birthday in February for more than 30 years before she learned her father (bless his heart) had mixed up his two daughters birthdates when they immigrated to Canada, and her birthday was actually in April. She still celebrates in February.

Several years ago, a couple from church adopted a child from overseas. The child’s birthday was unknown, so they picked a date at random. Will that child care it isn’t his actual birthday? Probably not, because he is still celebrated and isn’t that the point of Christmas? To celebrate the Living God came down to us because God knows, no one was good enough to make it to his presence on their own.

One thing I’m grieved about during this time of year is how easily Christians have given up territory. We have cow-toed to others for so long, in an effort to be tolerant, we’ve haven’t stood our ground and watched helplessly as media and commercialism have taken territory earlier Fathers in the Faith took.
I’m sure everyone has been witness to it. My Boy’s school no longer has Christmas break; it’s called Winter Break. Nativity scenes, aside from churches, are obsolete and have been replaced with giant blow-up Santas, or snowmen. It isn’t politically correct to say, “Merry Christmas” anymore and the list goes on.

Several years ago the book, Prayer of Jabez was the “it” book to read among Christians. Jabez receives a two-verse mention in the Bible and his claim to fame is asking for more territory. North Americans like this prayer because we like real estate. We keep praying for more territory, but what is happening is we are losing as much territory as we’ve expanded into. This means the next generation will have to fight for territory we’ve already owned but gave up. That’s not right. 

It’s bigger than one person to fight and it’s easy to become apathetic but it isn’t bigger than our Lord to fight. We work from victory, not for victory so the battle is already won. 

How do we do it? Little by little; become the change you want to be (yes, I know Ghandi said that). Jesus could not do many miracles in his hometown but the point is, he did some because he carried an assignment to seek & save what was lost. We have an assignment to destroy the works of the enemy and when we have done all we can to stand, to stand.

How do you feel about the celebration of Jesus being turned into a “holiday” celebration?

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