Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Sheriff in Town

I was preparing dinner at my kitchen window when I heard the sound of a herd of galloping horses under the window. We have two horses, well, okay, they’re miniature horses but anyone who has had two children in their house knows two children can sound like a whole herd of elephants so I looked out the window to the paddock area to see if they had gotten out and were charging past the kitchen. No, both horses were placidly eating hay under the cedar tree.

My heart was racing and I looked around at my Man who was a few feet away; it was obvious he hadn’t heard anything but it seemed audible to me. I was perplexed and asked the Lord what just happened and he said to me - John Wayne style, “There’s a new sheriff in town.”

I understood what he meant. 2011 was a year for taking new ground - pushing back against the gates of hell and destroying the works of the enemy. Except, it didn’t look like success in taking new territory. The reality is life looked the opposite of success in 2011. Most people experienced death of friends or family, financial loss, or health problems. Yes, despite how the circumstances appear, we should be wise to realize our sorrow and suffering is never without a purpose. (I am not suggesting, however, God causes our suffering.) We become overcomers only when there is something to overcome and by overcoming, we take the territory and receive greater authority.

In America, presidential elections occur every four years in November. Although the new President is announced in November, he (or she) is not sworn into office until the following January. In the interim, the existing President is still in office but the people’s eyes are on the new person who is going to be running the country. This is similar to what the Lord was saying to me when the new sheriff arrived. It may not look different yet, but we know who has the reign.

Every year, I ask the Lord for a new word or verse. The word for 2012: God is faithful to his word.

Psalm 119:160, The sum of your Word is truth; and every one of your righteous decrees endures forever. (AMP)

2011 was a year to step into new territory. 2012 will be to stand on the territory and not be moved from it. It will be a year of peace and rest. For many who have suffered a tumultuous and labourious year in 2011, this is great news. The challenge will be to maintain the watchmen, keep guard and not become complacent and remember the rest we experience is not the end because God is faithful to his word and the complete fulfillment of his word is not yet finished.

What are some of the personal promises you’ve received from the Lord? Reflect on them and then stand and remember God is faithful to his word and he will prove it.

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