Monday, January 30, 2012

What's Your Battle Strategy?

You want to know something? We are all different. I know that intellectually but sometimes I become confused and I ask God, “Why am I not like that person, or this person?” The Lord reminds me of the mix match of apostles he chose – sensitive, brash, blue collar, white collar, strong in finances, strong in encouragement, ones who like to lead, and others who like to work behind the scenes. We are not supposed to replicate each other; we should complement each other for the glory of God.

We’re in a battle. Some of us know better than others, how intense the battle is. Each side of the battle has soldiers, commanders and battle equipment. This week on Kingdom Bloggers, we’re describing how God has designed us to fit into the overall battle strategy of the Lord. Which one of is a battle strategist? Who is a sniper? Read along for the week and offer your insights about who you are in the battle.

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