Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can I Tell You Something?

I offer reviews – on books, on products, on experiences. I write online or verbally offer my opinions. I’ve been known to butt my head into a conversation by strangers if I hear them making a consideration in a store of certain products I’m familiar with. I live with the philosophy, “If it’s good for me, it’s good for others.” Jesus is good for me, and I know he’s good for others.

The problem is many people have only heard about Jesus and they didn’t like the execution of the sales pitch, because it felt like a sales pitch. I don’t like to be preached at, and I don’t suppose others like it any better. That’s why I leave the convincing to the Holy Spirit, I simply create an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit is welcomed and leave the presentation to the man himself – Jesus.

I love outreach but my outreach is different in the past few years than it was previously. Before I would feel it was my job to make compelling arguments to convince the mind – Jesus wants to touch the heart. Change the heart and the attitudes change. It’s simple.

When Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses come to my door, I invite them in – not to debate but to develop a relationship. We establish that we are both people of faith and I invite them to share their testimony. I don’t debate, and I don’t go to Scripture (although I know Scripture, I am not trained as the young missionaries are to debate). When they have told me their testimony, then I can share my testimony. I never make them feel like “me vs. them”.

For example, the last time Mormons came to my house, I shared with them that I do what they do – street evangelism. At this point, they are still smiling. Then I start to explain I call them treasure hunts and I explain what they are. God gives me clues, such as names of people, or what they are wearing, and then I get words of knowledge about areas in their life that are difficult (physical or emotional pain). When I find the treasure God wants to touch, I approach them and start a conversation, asking them about the areas in their life the Lord showed me.

As I explain this, I am inclusive with the young missionaries and speak as if I assume they share my experiences. Of course they don’t and I start to see their smiles shift a little. It’s a beautiful thing because I know the Holy Spirit is at work. Then I ask if I can pray (and I have been given favour and grace to pray with some Jehovah Witnesses as well). I simply invite the Holy Spirit to touch them in the same way I feel and know the Holy Spirit.

I make it a habit – a lifestyle – to ask the Lord when I go out, who does he want to connect with and I keep my eye open, ready to act when the Holy Spirit prompts. When I see someone highlighted, my “pick-up line” is, “Hey there, I’m Andrea. Can I tell you something?” I’ve NEVER heard a no response to my question. When I’m given the go ahead, I proceed I encourage them with the words God gave me to share. Sometimes I pray, sometimes I don’t. I’ve been asked if I’m a psychic or if I’m reading their thoughts, and I simply tell them God loves them and knows them and I wanted to share something with them that will encourage them so I ask God who to look for and what to say.

I love to see how people are lit up because Jesus came near. And the best part is I don’t have to convince anyone, my job is to be a witness, not a sales person.

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