Friday, May 18, 2012

How Do I Love Thee?

Today is my wedding anniversary. I’ve been married for 16 years and I’m still the luckiest woman in the world. I don’t often write about my Man but today I want to honour him.

How do I love him? Let me count 16 ways.

  1. My Man’s a hottie, ‘nuff said.
  2. My Man has a terrific sense of humour – dry, witty and slighty sarcastic.
  3. My Man will eat anything I put in front of him and sincerely give me thanks.
  4. My Man is an incredible father – truly, this is probably the sexiest thing about him.
  5. My Man has amazing patience.
  6. My Man can make or fix anything.
  7. My Man is excellent at making eggs, especially Eggs Benedict.
  8. My Man regularly expresses his love in a million acts of service.
  9. My Man can converse easily with everyone. I’ve never met someone who didn’t Gary was an all around good guy.
  10. My Man loves adventure (we went sky-diving for our 3rd anniversary) but also knows how to relax on the beach.
  11. My Man makes decisions well.
  12. My Man gives long and amazing back rubs – even after 16 years.
  13. My Man will go places he doesn’t want to go, just because I ask him to.
  14. My Man has above average intelligence and he’s always my first choice partner for a game of Trivia Pursuit.
  15. My Man is learning the guitar. I love a man who plays guitar.
  16. My Man loves me more than I deserve and it’s my joy and my delight to return his ridiculous love.

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