Friday, May 4, 2012

Is Jesus a Polygamist?

Is Jesus a polygamist?

The question seems absurd but on accurate assessment of the current state of the church, it would appear we believe Jesus is a polygamist, and the brides don’t like each other.

You’ve been part of the problem if:
  • you find out someone is a Christian and you probe a little deeper to find out what kind of Christian and if they say Catholic, you know they aren’t really Christian.
  • someone speaks in tongues in a public setting without an interpretation you discount it as demonic.
  • you’re looking for a new church but the one down the street isn’t the same denomination you grew up in, you won’t even consider checking it out.
  • a pastor with a public ministry is removed because of sin, you gossip about it, instead of pray for God’s grace in the situation.
I’ve been guilty of all of those and then some but my thinking was wrong and I’ve had to repent to retrain my brain to think differently. The truth is there is going to be a wedding. Jesus is the bridegroom and the [collective] church is the bride – there’s only one and she’s going to be beautiful.

These past few days, I’ve been at a conference where many different churches are gathered. It’s amazing to work together on the prayer ministry line with people who belong to many churches. My heart and spirit are happy because I feel the Father’s pleasure. We are in line with his will, and I’m pleased to be a part of it. The law of unity was displayed already back in Genesis 11 at the building of the Tower of Babel. God himself said, “If as one people, speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan will be impossible for them.” When we speak the same language in the Spirit, nothing is impossible for us but we must come together as one church and be unified.

Several months ago, I wrote a post called Messy Church; I had been attending a church where they had experienced many disturbing upsets and divisions. I’ve since left the church (not because of the trouble) but I still have regular contact with the staff and other attendees. Once again, the church is experiencing upsets and I see it as positive, although some people don’t see it from heaven’s perspective. God is on the move and he is putting his church together the way he sees it in heaven. It’s a good thing - painful at times but good. Jesus is coming back for a pure and spotless bride. Who doesn’t want to be pure and spotless? The process of clean up can look more disruptive than the chaos it was in before but the result is ordered beauty – pure and spotless.

My former church is not the only gathering of Believers going through a season of change and stretching. Disobedience and rebellion in the church is being exposed. We live in a day when there seems to be a lot of opportunity to kick the [global] church down a notch or three. But simply put, it is not okay for us to do that. If you are part of the church, we are one church – whether you are Jew or Greek, male or female, slave or master, Baptist or Catholic, Four Square or Alliance. Jesus is not a polygamist and it’s time we stopped separating ourselves but instead, begin to build ourselves up in love.

One of my first experiences in watching churches overcome their differences and work together was through Alpha. Remember when that swept through the world? It happened once and Jesus will do it again.

Share recent examples of where you’ve been a part of, or witnessed, a unified church across denominations or groups of Believers. When you share your testimonies, we encourage each other and remember God is at work, and we are moving forward.

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