Thursday, May 30, 2013

150 Days of Grateful

On January 1, 2013 I made challenge to myself to make a choice to be and express gratefulness. I called it ‘365 Days of Grateful’. It’s nearing the end of May and I haven’t missed a day. That in itself is something I’m grateful for. Every day I post my grateful thoughts on my Facebook page, and [often] when I have an accompanying photo I also post on Instagram and Twitter.

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know I’ve been working out some stuff with God. (I don’t know why when one issue comes up then every insecurity surfaces. Okay, I do know why. Doubt comes from the enemy and he doesn’t play fair – he kicks you when you’re already down.) As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I’ve been consistently choosing and expressing gratefulness but one of the thoughts that has crossed my mind lately is, “What’s the point? I wonder if it’s even doing anything for me.”

The very next day, my Man tells me I’ve been quite active at night – laughing and singing in my sleep. I started laughing when he said that because I knew God was answering my internal questions. Yes, choosing to have a grateful heart has been making a difference and it’s changing the very core of who I am.

It’s easier than I wish it were, to be overwhelmed by the negative stuff of life but that’s when it’s good for me to review what I have to be grateful for. Indulge me today and let me share some of my happy thoughts for past five months.

Date night  - reason no. 2013002

Baking on the weekend - reason no. 2013034

Loving people with food, that's my favorite - reason no. 2013038

LOVE my new swing flags. God is faithful - reason no. 2013047

When I was little I'd overhear he adult women in my life speak about laugh lines as if they were something to avoid and I thought to myself, "I should like to be known for laughing." Now, as I look in the mirror and see the lines around my mouth deepening, I thank my God for filling my life with so many good things to laugh about - reason no. 2013057

Reminders from friends, telling me what to do - reason no. 2013071

Finding $ in hidden pockets in my wallet - reason no. 2013084

How beautiful are the feet of those that bring good news; incredibly humbling experience to wash the dusty feet of those that bring the gospel to the unreached people of Cambodia. - reason no. 2013098

I always have company in my worship room - reason no. 2013136

 What have been some of your highlights for 2013, so far?

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