Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It Takes One to Know One

Do you remember being on the playground as a child and hurling a verbal insult at another child and him or her replying, “It takes one to know one.” Perhaps you were the one being insulted. Or perhaps you were like me – observing but not participating in the cruel nature of playground behaviour (*wink). There is truth in the old adage – it does take one to know one. Of course there are exceptions and it shouldn’t be a hard and fast rule (another day, another post), however the truth is, we respond or react to the ‘me’ we see in others.

I learned something new (or at least remembered afresh) from my Boy’s middle school’s lesson on ancient civilizations in Socials Studies. Many cultures, including ancient Egypt, believed their leaders were god-man beings; both god and man and as such no one else would be their equal, except another god-man. When I reread Exodus 7:1, “You will be like god to Pharaoh...” another layer of revelation was revealed. Not only did Moses need to be set apart from the Hebrew slaves (he was raised in the palace), but he needed to be at least equal to Pharaoh. Pharaoh saw himself as god; nothing less than being a ‘god’ would suffice.

Paul said he became like all men, just to win a few (1 Corinthians 9:22). My heart is tender towards the new age community; I feel called to free the captives locked in the world of occult and inferior power. To do that, I’m being trained to develop my prophetic gift and know their language so that the light and the truth I carry will be clearly seen and received.

What is the task before you? You will win favour and a place to engage because God will equip you to “be like them” so they will receive your message (the gospel).

#40lessons: God will give you the reputation you require to finish the task prepared for you.

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